Fart Attack

Prank your friends (soon to be ex-friends) when they leave their computer unlocked by making every link and button fart on click and hover
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Frt Attack's sexy menu
Sexy Settings Menu
The extension has a state of art menu with a set of awesome options to make sure your prank goes as smooth as possible.
Hand emoji's holding a farting peach
Hand Crafted Custom Farts
The fart sounds used are hand/butt crafted by a team of professionals, who spent long hours perfecting these sounds to make sure each one of them is super unique and delightful.
A spy covered with a monkey covering his eyes
Works at Stealth Mode
You definitely don't want your friend to discover the installed extensions, so we made it easy for you to hide it in their browser by turning on "Hide Icon".
A browser window making a fart sound
Play in the Background
Enable this by turning on "Open Links in New Tab". This would make sure the farts play in the background even if when you leave the page.
Two buttons clicked and hovered
Choose When to Play Fart Sounds
You're the boss, it's your call to decide when links and buttons can fart; either when hovered over or click on.
A button and link farting
Buttons & Links
Some of you might want to keep it low and only make links fart. We hear you, and we got that covered. You still have the choice to either make the buttons fart as well.
How does it work?
1. Install the extension on your friend's computer.

2. Set your preferred settings using the extension's menu.

3. Watch your friend's reaction while he/she browse the internet.
What’s the purpose of this extension?
I created the extension to raise awareness of the danger of leaving your computer unlocked in a public space like an office or even a coffee shop.

Aside from that, I wanted to learn how Chrome Extensions work and how they’re created.

p.s. What’s your purpose in life?
What if I don’t have a friend to prank?
First of all, that’s sad. Secondly, it’s shouldn’t be a problem, you can install the extension on your own computer and pretend that you don’t know what’s going on.

Another solution would be to prank your imaginary friend.
What if the person I'm pranking got angry?
That can be hilarious! If that happens, please make sure to have that captured and share it with me [email protected]
Is the extension secure?
The extension uses 73994-bit encryption, and the highest security protocols used by the biggest banking organizations.

Did you seriously ask that? All that the extension does is play beautiful fart sounds when you hover over or click links and buttons.
Can I install the extension on a public computer?
You little evil! I like you.

Of course you can, but under your own risk, and if you do so please take a video of people’s reactions and share it with me [email protected]
I see a lot of people leaving their computers unlocked at the office when they go for lunch or to the bathroom, which is extremely dangerous.

Leaving your computer unlocked in a public space like an office or even worse in a coffee shop is a huge risk that would allow bad people to access and steal your information.

I created this extension to raise awareness of that problem, and at the same time, I was always curious to learn how browser extensions work, which was a great opportunity for me to do both things at the same time.

If you have any comments or feedback, feel free to reach out at [email protected]
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Experiment by
Mahdi Farra